Grooming Dreams, Building Futures

“It is an honor to help support the athletic dreams of Park City’s youth. My life’s passion and work has been about the outdoors, sportsmanship and perseverance and it is rewarding to be able to help make this lifestyle a reality for the young members of our community. I hope to encourage the benefits of teamwork and camaraderie and inspire our local youth to excel in the sports they love.”

Stein Eriksen,
Deer Valley Resort Director of Skiing
March 2014


The goal of the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment is to provide financial resources to youth in the Park City community for winter sports by:

  • Providing opportunity for every child to experience winter sports thereby promoting life-long participation.
  • Providing opportunity for young, committed athletes to continue to strive to reach goals in their sport.
  • Providing support for those in their late teens or early twenties who are members of national teams but are not funded or minimally funded by their respective National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

Thanks to Carla Boecklin for documenting the Endowment’s launch event in April 2014. See some great images from the evening here!


What does the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment support?



Your gift is appreciated at any level:
GOLD — Over $50,000
SILVER — $25,000-$49,999
BRONZE — $10,000-$24,999
DARE TO DREAM — $100-$10,000

All gifts will be recognized in YSA materials. Gold, Silver and Bronze level gifts will be honored with the donor’s name or wording of choice on a plaque at Park City venues and at Stein Eriksen Lodge.

There are many ways to donate to the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment!

1. Print this form, complete and mail with a check to:

Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment
P.O. Box 681698
Park City, UT 84068

2. Donate online, right here:


With only twenty bottles produced, this Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from Parallel Wines has been created to honor Stein Eriksen and his more than 60 years of bringing the enjoyment of skiing to people throughout the world.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon from eastern hillside vineyards. Silky soft tannins are combined with good acidity and a bed of ripe cranberries, red fruit and blackberries. Complementing the fruit you will find elegant touches of cigar box, dark chocolate and sweet oak. Round and supple.

3-Liter etched and hand-painted double magnum. Yours with a $10,000 donation to the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment.

On the checkout page, please click “Add special instructions to the seller” and indicate your gift is for Parallel Wines Stein Eriksen Cuvee by entering “Stein Wine”.

Making your annual contribution to the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment can be as easy as writing a check (made payable to “SEYSAOE”) or using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit card, but there are other options for you to consider:

Pay your contribution through the use of our secure and automated payment plan where you pay equal monthly payments over a period of time.

Gifts of appreciated assets can be gifted directly to the YSA and can provide an added tax benefit for you.

Many companies will match your contribution. You can double, sometimes triple your gift.

One of the easiest and most important ways to support the YSA is by remembering us with a planned or deferred gift. You can support the local youth with a living memorial for yourself, your family, or a former coach or friend of our program while you are making the future stronger for our community. BEQUESTS Gifts through wills and bequests can provide an opportunity to sustain your family name in conjunction with the YSA program.

Charitable trusts offer an opportunity to make a substantial gift to the YSA without forfeiting the annual income produced by these assets. You retain income for your life, and the life of your spouse, and the corpus of the trust account is transferred to the YSA upon the death of the surviving spouse. This gift can also be structured to create a substantial tax break over a period of years. Through the creative process of planned giving, incorporated within your comprehensive estate plans, you can fulfill philanthropic goals, reduce income taxes, avoid capital gain and estate taxes, retain a life income, increase spendable income, or reduce the costs of estate settlement.

10. Call or email to discuss other options:
435.214.0792 or

The Youth Winter Sports Alliance dba Youth Sports Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID: 52-2383750


September 2016

September 2016
Endowment Update
Newsletter (PDF)


GOLD — Over $50,000
Anonymous, Larry & Judy Cohen, John D. Cumming Family Foundation, Deer Valley Resort, Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles Family Foundation, Alec & Rachel McAree, George Nyquist, Park City Mountain Resort, James & Marilyn Parke, Perkins-Prothro Foundation, Swartz Foundation, John & Marva Warnock

SILVER — $25,000-$49,999
David & Kathleen Dicesaris, Mark J. Fischer, Jim & Barbara Gaddis, Thor & Barbie Kallerud, Bryan & Jennifer Knepper, Kurt Larsen, Mark & Tiffany Lemons, Hank & Diane Louis, Jeramy & Becky Lund, Keith & Nancy Rattie, Stein Eriksen Lodge, Glen & Nancy Traylor

BRONZE — $10,000-$24,999
Nadim & Maggie Abuhaidar, Andy & Kathleen Blank, Willy & Sonia Bogner, Walt & Jennie Brett, Adam R. Bronfman Family Foundation, Gary & Jana Cole, Peter & Natalie Derby, Rad & Kelly Dye, Stein & Francoise Eriksen, Dana Evan, Patrick & Liz Fannon, Jack & Marianne Ferraro, Tom & Lynn Fey, Jeffrey & Leslie Fischer, Laura Frazier, Hans & Sally Fuegi, Eric & Nancy Garen, Greg Golding, Tom & Nancy Gravina, Jon-Eric & Amanda Greene, Chuck & Anna Heath, Robert & Pamela Henderson, Arthur & Barbara Higgins, Susan & Tom Hodgson, Ken & Margaret Jacobs, Wonmi & Kihong Kwon, Gregory & Denise Landis, Tom & Kim Litle, Marriott Daughters Foundation, Richard & Nancy Marriott, Bill & Jean Martin, Dan McPhun & Kristen Fletcher, Michael & Judy Mealey, Brad Olch, Gregg & Kristin Ostrander, Powdr Corporation, Kevin & Anne Parker, Paul M. & Terrell Dougan Family Foundation, Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust, Terry
& Aimee Preston, John & Marcia Price, David & Shari Quinney, Bob & Kim Rollo,
Kevin & Jenny Samuelson, Richard & Jill Sheinberg, William & Joanne Shiebler, Ron & Julie Steele, Buzz & Polly Strasser, The Strauss Foundation, Philip Thompson, Jim & Zibby Tozer, Sarah Tueting & Daniel Lemaitre, Steve & Negin Urry, John West, William & Marlene Witz

DARE TO DREAM — $100-$9,999
Airbus Group, Harold Anderson, Anonymous, Stacy Armijo, Kevin Arquit, Aspen Community Foundation, Michael Atkin, Shannon Bahrke, Karen Bamford, Bernard & Allison Bateman, Charles & Patricia Beach, Ben Pieper, Jim Benedict, John & Toni Bloomberg, Dave Brennan, Matt Brown, Neill & Linda Brownstein, Geoff & Tina Buchheister, Cameron & Carol Burr, Steven Caputo, Blaise Carrig, James Cassidy, Debra Cole, Lacey Compton, Brian Connolly, Don & Emily Cook, Jonathon & Kirsten Coon, Elaine Dabney, Danzeisen and Quigley, Rusty & Eve Dassing, Joel & Nicola Davidowski, Deer Valley Mountain Hosts, Bob & Betsey Devaney, Jim & Kathie Dullanty, Kathy Egbert, Steven Elliff, Alan & Barbara Engen, Fred & Christine Fairclough, Kris & Lee Ann Fedderson, Mike & Muffy Ferro, Blair & Susan Feulner, Mark & Stephanie Fischer, Paul & Donna Fischer, Jim & Vicky Fitlow, Gastronomy Inc., Bradley Gerbel, Susan Glasman, Chet Goodwin, Gottschall Engraving, Doug Greally & Janice Ugaki, E. Rawson Griffin, Per Guldbrandsgaard, Barbara Gulick, John & Ilauna Gurr, Hall & Hall, Mindy Halsey, Mark & Kimberly Haroldsen, Gina Harper, Chris Haslock, Ral Hemminger, Andy & Linda Hensler, Diane Hier, Suzy Honigman, Gene & Ellen Huggs, Adolph Imboden, Anne Iverson, Mark & Anne Marie Jensen, Phillip Kay, Bill Kearns, Keith & Becky Kearns, Kim Kerr, Joe & Elin Kiernan, Caleb & Gretchen King, KJUS North America, Gary & Helen Knudsen, Scott Kurnit, Campbell Langdon, Charlie & Coni Lansche, Mel & Wendy Lavitt, Mary Leader, Howard & Justine Lewin, The Barbara & Frank Lieber Family Charitable Trust, Bill Ligety and Cyndi Sharp, Doug & Liz Lister, Kerrie Lohr, Gail Loveland, Mac & Ann MacQuoid, Amos & Amat Madanes, Basil & Mimi Maher, Richard Makin, Bob Marsh & Margaret Moses, Lee & Shelley Marshall, Lindsey Marshall, Jack & Jan Massimino, Kevin McCann, Steve & Ingrid McMenamin, Tim Meyer, Earl & Christine Middlemiss, David & Suzanne Moore, Steven Moynahan, A. M. Murphy, Janelle Myers, Eric & Mindy Nelson, Richard Nelson, Rick Nemeroff, Debbie Neumann, Dori Nolan, Marc Norman, Marc O’Brien, John & Joanne O’Connell, Karla Olson, Page Real Estate, Park City Chamber Bureau, Park City Ski School, Derek Parra, Rob & Kimber Parry, Darm Penny, Roger & Kathy Penske, Olav Peterson, Peterson Group, Bill & Susan Pidwell, John Plavocos, John Quinn, Sean & Alix Railton, Lynn and Connee Rasmussen, Coleen Reardon, Anne Reinhart, Tiffany Rettie, Bryan Riggst, Dustin & Kandy Robertson, Bill & Jennifer Rock, Steve Schmidt, Scott Machinery, Jean Sharp, Robert & Carol Sletta, James & Kelley Smith, Barbara Smotherman, Megan Steele, Gordon & Kristine Strachan, Nicholas & Amy Stugart, Marc Tabah, Matt & Andrea Terwillegar, Jack & Margarethe Thomas, Brenda Tyrrell, Cornelis Vanderhout, Judith Wahl, Wasatch Advisors, Edward Weaver, Leland Weaver, Peter & Karen Weiss, Richard & Teri West, Emily White, John Williams, Heggie & Julie Wilson, Robert & Nancy Winn, Charlie & Mary Wintzer, Vernon Yamashiro