Why No Kindergarteners?

Why Don’t We Allow Kindergarteners????

This question comes up every year. There are many Kindergarteners out there who have been skiing or snowboarding since they could walk! But the reason for asking our families to wait until 1st grade to introduce their kids into this program has to do with many other factors than just ability.

Group Size: The lesson groups are larger than most pre-school or ski school groups. Many times younger kids have a hard time learning when it is not a smaller group. It can be overwhelming.

Chairlifts: For the lessons at Canyons and PCMR, students in this program will be, at times, riding the chairlift without an instructor. Being that the groups are 1:8, there can’t always be an instructor with the entire group. Also, it can be difficult for younger kids to get on a chairlift. Without the assistance of the instructor, this can sometimes be a frustrating and scary experience. Deer Valley’s company policy for this program is age 7 by December 31st of the current season.

Over-all Size of Program: This is a large program, with lots of kids getting ready at school, loading buses, participating in lessons, etc. Although many kindergarteners are good at navigating the mountain, ice skating, or hitting the terrain park on the weekends, navigating this program on a Thursday or Friday afternoon can be overwhelming. Many kindergartners who have signed up in the past, have ended up not completing the program due to anxiety or frustration.

On a positive note, once your child enters 1st grade, they will have 5 years to experience Get Out & Play! That is plenty of time to try out all of the great programs that are offered.



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