Registration Information


Late Fees & Deadlines

Session Late Fee Begins Registration Closed
Fall November 3rd November 9th
Winter November 17th November 30th
Winter/Spring January 19th February 1st
Spring March 2nd March 15th

Cancellation Policy

A refund minus $25.00 will be given in the event of withdrawal from a program prior to that session’s registration closure date. No refund will be given after the registration close date unless cancellation is due to a documented injury or extreme circumstance.

Program Change Policy

If you make changes to your child’s registration which result in an additional charge or refund of your credit card, a $5.00 processing fee will be charged.

These levels are to assist with placement of your child on the first day. Instructors will assess and re-level your child after the first lesson. Ultimately, it is the decision of the instructor as to what level your child will be placed in.

Ski Levels

1 First time, never skied and or cannot stop
2 Has skied before, can stop and is linking turns
3 Learning to control speed using turns
4 Confident making turns, beginning parallel skiing on Green runs
5 Parallel skier on green and Blue runs

Snowboard Levels

1 First time, has never snowboarded before.
2 Has snowboarded before, is working on linking toeside and heelside turns.
3 Able to link both toeside and heelside turns on Green runs.
4 Able to link both toeside and heelside turns on Blue runs.

Trailside & Parleys  will be going to Canyons Village  for Session 2 Winter

Weilenmann will be going to Canyons Village or Deer Valley for Session 2 Winter

Jeremy Ranch and McPolin will be going to Park City Base Session 2 Winter

BEHAVIOR POLICY: We are a large group of students embarking on our local venues. We want to be remembered for our enthusiastic, polite, respectful students from the Park City Elementary schools. Please remind your children that their behavior reflects on the program as a whole. If we have a problem with student behavior, the following steps will be implemented:

1st Time: Student will be pulled from lesson, and will sit with parent chaperone for remainder of lesson. Head school coordinator will discuss the behavior issue with student and parents will be notified.

2nd Time: Student will be removed from program, with no refund.

This may seem like a harsh policy, but with a group this large, there is no room for misbehavior. We have held this as our standard for many years, and I am happy to say, that we have not had to move to the 2nd Time option….ever!

Note: Concerning student behavior refers to:
Hitting of any sort
Foul Language
Excessive Yelling
Not Listening to Instructor
Being disrespectful to other students/staff or volunteers
Intentionally Not Staying With Group