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Scholarships will be primarily awarded to families on the Free & Reduced Lunch plan (FRL) through the PCSD or are documented financial need with Weilenmann, and will be on a “First Come, First Served” basis. Scholarships will be available to 1st – 5th graders only. Families seeking a scholarship, who do qualify, will register through the online registration site. There will be a Scholarship Discount option.

Proof of FRL or Financial Need status must be submitted to YSA office within 5 days after registration is completed. **Failure to submit proof will result in cancellation of registration and scholarship award will go to another family.

If a family would like to apply for a scholarship, is not FRL status, but has documented financial hardship, a scholarship application may be downloaded, filled out and sent to the Youth Sports Alliance office for review. *Applications will be available for download on October 20th.

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